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A few weeks ago, I was running in the parking lot of my gym when I noticed a woman walking from the gym to her car. She was wearing scrubs and smoking a cigarette. I immediately shook my head and rolled my eyes. How could a woman who obviously worked in the healthcare field smoke? I had recently read an article on judgement and how we should treat others with the same compassion we want shown to us. I considered her through a new lens. I wondered if maybe she was smoking an electronic cigarette in a committed attempt to quit smoking altogether. Perhaps she recently joined the gym in her quest to live a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps she chose to bravely share her story to inspire her patients to release old habits and choose a more healthful path. Then I asked myself: who am I to judge her anyway? I don’t know her or her life story. Why would I want to send any negative, judgmental energy her way?

Through a compassionate lens, we can let go of judgement. We open ourselves up to seeing through loving eyes and reflect positive energy to those around us. Just imagine if every one of us could make this shift…

This week, I happened upon this video. Wow…what timing! This video is the perfect illustration of making the shift from a myopic lens to a wide one. This shift not only affects the energy you pass along to others, but the energy you experience inside.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Share your stories and comments with me.

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