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I turned 52 and no longer recognized the woman looking back at me in the mirror. I had fallen captive to anxiety and depression due to years of traumatic experiences. I stepped away from my Pharmacy career because I no longer had the will to meet its physical and mental demands and spent most of my day on the couch exhausted after a long night of high anxiety and little sleep.

For years leading up to my 52 birthday, I tried diet after diet, yet my weight spiraled out of control. Health problems built up. My doctors warned that I might have to go on medications for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. As my weight increased, my balance decreased, and I fell three times – once, so badly that I broke my shoulder. I had no energy, and it affected every aspect of my life. I moved twice, but couldn’t make myself unpack, so I lived surrounded by clutter.

I was still recovering from my broken shoulder when I made a life-changing decision and called Pamela. We developed an immediate rapport. She made me feel comfortable from that moment forward. Pamela empowered me to seize the opportunity for a fresh start.

Pamela surprises me each session with new strategies and resources that are helping me not just with my nutrition and physical needs, but also with my emotional and spiritual health. She encourages me to push beyond what I perceive as my limits, but in a kind and gentle way. She’s even helped me overcome some challenges that could’ve been setbacks, and I’ve transitioned right back into my new and improved lifestyle.

In just 12 weeks of working with Pamela, I’ve experienced real improvements. Pamela introduced me to tools that have enabled me to find new, constructive ways for dealing with my emotions. Not only have I stopped reaching for food for comfort, but I am sleeping again. I’m getting fewer headaches and have cut way back on my pain meds. I’ve eliminated Nexium. My blood pressure and blood sugars are decreasing. And my energy is amazing. So much so, and surprisingly so, that I’ve rediscovered my love for exercise! For the first time in a long time, I’m not afraid to step on the scale (I’m down 20 pounds, 2 pants sizes, even a bra size!). I’m improving my core strength and balance and am toning my body. But more importantly, I’m ready to embrace what each day brings.

With Pamela’s help, I’ve taken back control of my life. I’m making choices that support the life I want to live. I’ve unpacked and organized my condo. I’m engaging in loving relationships. I’m looking for the right job. I’m focusing on my blessings. I’m filling my mind with positive thoughts that are building my confidence. Pamela’s helped me rediscover my “Wow!” and I now find myself experiencing “Wow!” moments every day.

I know in my heart that God led me to Pamela and am so grateful to have her in my life as my Wellness Coach, but also as a friend.

-Angie C.

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