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Today I am celebrating a personal achievement. I am writing the opening blog to my new website! I am celebrating this personal feat but want to invite you to celebrate with me. What is something that you’ve done recently that you feel is worth celebrating? It can be anything. Perhaps you offered someone a random act of kindness or even a smile. Perhaps you experienced frustrating feelings toward someone else but chose to forgive and let go. Perhaps you worked out today. Perhaps you chose to eat a nutrient-dense breakfast. Maybe you decided to volunteer your time to help with a project. Regardless of how big or how small the act may be, let’s give ourselves a moment to acknowledge and feel joy for our successes.  I invite you to close your eyes with me for just a moment and take a deep breath. Allow the joy in that act to flow through you. When you open your eyes, know that I am giving you a high five! May that positive energy emanate through you the rest of your day.

What I intend this blog to be is a place for you to find a cheerleader who wants to support you in your lifelong journey to feel healthier, happier and experience more well-rounded wellness. Our society blasts us everyday with messages about new diet trends, about the latest and greatest way to lose weight and with unrealistic images about what we should consider to be beautiful. For too many of us, this has created feelings of shame, of unworthiness, of self-deprecation, even of self-loathing. At the same time, we (including our children) are bombarded with advertisements that promote unhealthy lifestyle choices.How are we supposed to dodge all of these messages and find a way of living that honors our bodies and nourishes our authentic spirit? My intention for this blog is to help you do just that. You only have this life to live. You deserve to experience self-acceptance. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin. You deserve to feel completely loveable. You deserve to experience more joy.

And you know what? God loves you just as you are. Unconditionally. Because you are worthy of that kind of love! And that is worth celebrating!

I am honored that you are here and can’t wait to meet the amazing person that is YOU. Please introduce yourself and share your thoughts and comments. You can also sign up for my FREE Wow! Notes by entering your email address below. These notes are written especially for you, to encourage you to start your day, end your day, or reset your day with a little love and self-care. Sign up now and start experiencing more Wow! Moments. 

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