I’m so happy you’re here!

I look forward to connecting with you. In the meantime, here’s a little info to give you some insight into my story and why I’m passionate about offering you inspiration and tools to help you and your family reclaim Energy and Spirit!

How I got here,

One afternoon, while watching Oprah, I experienced what she calls an Aha! moment. The show that day was about creating a career you love by finding a way to monetize your passion. From the depths of my subconscious, the words “Personal Trainer” flashed across my mental screen, making me actually laugh out loud. My whole life, I considered myself the least athletic person I knew. How did I find my way to a place where I would even consider pursuing a Personal Trainer certification?

I wasn’t born with any athletic inclination. In fact, I still get nauseous thinking about gym class! There was just one physical activity where I felt comfortable in my body – dance. When I learned to walk, I started to dance. But my love for dance soared when I got the Physical album by Olivia Newton-John for Christmas and the Flashdance soundtrack for my birthday a few years later. Did they make you want to shake your groove thing, too?

On a more serious note, I never indulged my love for dance. As a young girl, I was too self-conscious and too wrapped up in my negative body image to consider putting on a leotard and taking dance classes.

By age 7, I’d already developed an unhealthy emotional attachment to food. I often used food as a surrogate friend — a friend who would comfort me as I tried to navigate through the emotions of my parents’ painful, tumultuous divorce. But the comfort I received only lasted a few minutes, leaving me feeling fuller physically but emptier emotionally.

My distorted relationship with food reverberated into a distorted relationship with my body, exacerbating my inhibitions and creating stress around physical activity. Even more, it distorted my Spirit, preventing me from living each day as the fullest expression of my true self.

My body image haunted me for years to come. In high school, like many teens, I experimented with various disordered eating behaviors.

I had the Power to change !

My Shift

Then one day, I experienced a shift in perspective that changed the trajectory of my lifestyle.

I still remember the moment. I was sitting at the lunchroom table looking at my two closest friends who also suffered from body image issues and disordered eating when I suddenly became overwhelmed by a sadness that stung my heart. How could these two girls who were so beautiful inside and out feel so uncomfortable in their own skin? How could they not see the amazing qualities in them that I saw? What caused them to want to change themselves so badly that they were willing to make choices that were physically and emotionally detrimental when they were so special and so lovely just the way they were?

Later that evening, I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my reflection in a new light.

Rather than pick out my flaws, I saw my body as a precious gift that God gave me to fully experience my life. 

In that moment, I realized that if someone didn’t accept me because of my flaws, I didn’t need them in my life. The only person I needed to change myself for was me. Except what needed to change wasn’t my figure. It was the way I was treating myself and the motivation behind my choices. 

For the first time, I understood that God had given me a life worthy of my Love and Respect.

This epiphany didn’t give me a reason to be complacent. It fueled my fire. I sacrificed my dream of becoming a dancer to my body image issues and insecurities, but I was not going to make this mistake again. I had the Power to change. That’s when I redefined my motivation. My reason for eating healthy, exercising, and prioritizing my self-care shifted to love and purpose. And THIS motivation is the secret to how I’ve maintained my success for over 20 years! 

The first step I took was clarifying how I wanted to feel.

I longed to feel less judgmental when I looked at my reflection.

I wanted to feel confident.

I wanted to feel the joy that eating had always brought me – but without the guilt.

I wanted to feel physically and mentally stronger.

And I wanted to let go of all the stress I’d created for myself around my body and my lifestyle and finally feel happy on the inside.


Articulating this to myself created my life-changing shift (and it can help create yours too!). I had no athletic ability. And I’d gotten so far off track with my eating that I wasn’t even sure where to start.

But I had the desire to change things for myself. And so my commitment to a new way of being was born. And so was my love for all things healthy.

Where I Am Now

Believe it or not, I’m now a total foodie and exercise junkie! Group exercise is my first love, but hot yoga, running outside on beautiful days (especially at the beach), and my solo early morning workouts in my home gym all light me up! And I’m delighted to say that food and I not only got reacquainted years ago, but our friendship has gotten stronger over the years. It’s transformed into a beautiful love-love relationship. 

The newest piece of my wellness puzzle that I’m the most excited to share with you is the spiritual piece!

The challenges I faced as a child dampened my Spirit. This feeling of disconnection resurfaced when I became a Mom. As Moms do, I was too busy taking care of everyone and everything else that I began to lose touch with the passionate, spirited part of me.  The part of me that’s the best, most natural source of energy!

The effects I felt after my first guided meditation experience was when I had my second life-changing epiphany. Since that day, I’ve incorporated daily spiritual practices into my day and that have helped me regain a sense of inner peace and reconnect to the parts of me that I’d lost.

I look forward to delving into deeper into that experience with you and sharing the insights and practices that have empowered me to reclaim my own energy and spirit!

I consider my lifestyle my art. I look forward to sharing tips and techniques for developing this art for yourself.

Who’s On My Journey

I’m the mother of three beautiful, bright-eyed, loving, cuddly, affectionate, intelligent, totally silly, sometimes deafeningly loud, rough with each other (and my long-suffering house) most of the day and as “are you serious?”-ly messy as possible boys! The father of these boys’ boy is my husband and the love of my life.

Despite the busyness of our family life and work life, my husband and I believe that our children should be our reason for taking care of our health and well-being, not our excuse. We see ourselves as their most important role models.

If we don’t make healthy choices and take care of ourselves, why should they?
And how will they learn to do so?

Our children need us to lead the way!

They’re with me. Are you?

Let’s do this together!

Now it’s your turn.

Once you join our FB group, introduce yourself and tell me about your Love and Purpose-driven motivators!

Working with Pamela


“With Pamela’s help, I’ve taken back control of my life. I’m making choices that support the life I want to live. I’ve unpacked and organized my condo. I’m engaging in loving relationships. I’m looking for the right job. I’m focusing on my blessings. I’m filling my mind with positive thoughts that are building my confidence. Pamela’s helped me rediscover my “Wow!” and I now find myself experiencing “Wow!” moments every day.”


Angie C.

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