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Discover a Healthy, Happy Lifestyle Deeply Rooted in Love

People often assume that living a healthy lifestyle has always been a walk in the park for me. I’ve had people make comments like, “Yeah you don’t get it. It’s easy for you.” But that’s not the case. As a child, I loved food, but not always in a healthy way. Like many...

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14 Steps to Healthy, Happy Eating

To me, sitting down to enjoy a healthy, delicious meal is one of life’s sweetest pleasures. Just ask my family. They get a kick out of imitating me tilting my head back and releasing a guttural “mmmmmm” when I taste something I really like. And it makes great...

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Healthy Grapefruit Recipes

What’s round, pink, detoxifying, helps control appetite just by smelling it, gives your skin a healthy glow, helps keeps away tummy bloat,​ contains powerful antioxidants, is full of heart-healthy nutrients, and is naturally sweet and juicy?

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Save Yourself from Cheating Yourself

I want to share a lesson I learned that I hope will help you strengthen your own emotional and spiritual fitness muscles. The Story You know when you meet someone and feel instant chemistry?

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Why is Meditation Getting So Much Air Time?

You can’t get into the idea of sitting cross-legged on a pillow surrounded by candles and crystals and chanting OM? It’s not your thing? That’s ok. It’s not for most of us. Then why is meditation getting so much air time?

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A Morning Ritual To Boost Productivity By A Whopping 30%

I get it. It’s rough to get up without hitting the snooze button. The fact that most of us get less than the recommended seven hours to eight hours of sleep a night means that when our alarms go off, our bodies are still in deep-sleep mode and our core temperatures are low.

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