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Private or Small Group Mindfulness & Meditation Session

Don’t let stress and overwhelm block you from living a happy, healthy life for one more day. Schedule a session with me and I will teach you simple techniques you can use to take back control of your mood and energy level so you can experience more peace and fulfillment in your everyday life!

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Mindfulness & Meditation Session


“I loved spending time with you. Thank you for your healing vibes. I definitely needed them.” Julie Bryant
“Absolutely life-changing.” A. Carnegie

Empowering Exercise: A Well Rounded Workout

I created my signature Empowering Exercise class to help people who would enjoy a more holistic approach to exercise. I’ve developed a synergistic combination of exercises inspired by various modalities that relieve stress while invigorating and strengthening the body, mind, and spirit!

This class makes a fantastic Girls Night event! I can come to you, you can come to me, or we can use a 3rd party location. I’ll provide the “entertainment”. You take care of the healthy post-exercise snacks, (and wine of course!), for your friends.

Contant Me! about Empowering Exercise

Empowering Exercise


“Pam’s workout was energizing, relaxing, zen, and fun!”   Crystal Horan
“The combination of moves and intensity was exactly what I needed.” Rose Watts
“Pam’s workout included both relaxing yoga poses and an intense full body workout. Relaxing and sweaty … creative combo!” Jess Maxin
“Pam has effective workouts and a wonderful voice!” Kylee Wylie
“We did a little bit of everything. Awesome workout!” Rachael Gloor


Be sure to watch out for my wellness workshops that include elements such as:

  • Well Rounded Workout: An Empowering Exercise Class
  • Learn Stress-Management Techniques and Reclaim Your Energy and Passion
  • How to Create a Daily Mindful Meditation Practice
  • How to Set up your Day to be 30% More Productive
  • Nutrition and Fitness Hacks to Help you Master Your Metabolism


Imagine getting to spend an entire day in a peaceful, lovely setting where you have nothing to worry about and nothing to do except nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Sound amazing? What about a whole weekend? It’s actually not too good to be true.

We’re still in the planning phases, but very soon myself and a few other caring, passionate, women who are healers, wellness professionals, and Mamas are will be offering you just that. We’re creating both full day and weekend retreats for you to recharge your body, relax your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit!*

*Laughter and good girl time included.

Don’t miss your chance to receive an exclusive 15% discount on registration. Sign up here and we’ll send you 15% off gift card to use on your first retreat! (link)

One-on-One Health Coaching Services Offered on a limited basis.

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