What if Every Kid Knew How To Discover Their Unique Superpower?

Max Power doesn’t know he’s a special kid. But his commitment to keeping himself strong and healthy has caught the attention of two superheroes, Robusto Boy and Gusto Girl. Max is amazed when they show up with an invitation to join them on a mission to save the planet from Junker, a despicable villain working to make the world a lazy, unhealthy place. Robusto Boy and Gusto Girl believe that Max has what it takes to help them save the planet, one kid at a time…but when Max comes face to face with Junker, will he prove that he’s the one who can save the day?

  • A story with superheroeos and adventure! 
  • Teaches kids about nutrition in a fun, kid-friendly way! 
  • Supports kids in learning to value the health of their precious bodies, minds, and Spirits! 
  • Mom-written, kid-approved! 

Expert Endorsements:

“Teaching children the importance of eating a well-balanced diet is a goal for many families. In reality however, teaching your tired and hungry children at the end of a busy day doesn’t always find you in the most creative mood for a nutrition lesson that your children will want to listen to. Thanks to Pamela’s creative thinking, she has created this educational story-line that will not only entertain your child, but will also help you teach your child the importance of good nutrition and how our food choices may influence us throughout the day.”

-Jill Landsbaugh Kaar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine


“It’s so refreshing to see that someone understands how important it is to introduce kids early to healthy living behaviors. At the Y, we foster youth development, including; character development, good sportsmanship, faith, and healthy habits. We are thrilled at the thought of using the Super Dynamos books series to help us spread our mission and positively impact on the kids in our community.”

-Carrie Ohorodnyk

Executive Director, Rose E. Schneider Family YMCA


“As a parent and educator, I admire Pamela’s commitment and passion for raising healthy children. Max and the Super Dynamos is not only an engaging text for children, but the adults in their lives will appreciate the important lessons and information.  Filled with creative story lines, lively characters and robust vocabulary it provides opportunities for rich discussions centered around healthy living.”  

-Michelle Cianciosi-Rimbey, EdD


If you’d like to buy the book now so you don’t forget later, you can go ahead and pre-purchase a copy. To thank you for your order, I’m offering FREE shippping! Order now and save.

$15.95 + FREE shipping for all pre-orders! 

Pamela is excited to be releasing her first children’s book, check back to this page for updates on the Release Date and pre-purchase opportunity!

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