What if Every Kid Knew How To Discover Their Unique Superpower?

Max Power doesn’t know he’s a special kid. But his commitment to keeping himself strong and healthy has caught the attention of two superheroes, Robusto Boy and Gusto Girl. Max is amazed when they show up with an invitation to join them on a mission to save the planet from Junker, a despicable villain working to make the world a lazy, unhealthy place. Robusto Boy and Gusto Girl believe that Max has what it takes to help them save the planet, one kid at a time…but when Max comes face to face with Junker, will he prove that he’s the one who can save the day?

This action-packed story is an exciting way to think about all kinds of health—physical, nutritional, emotional, and even spiritual—for a fun introduction to holistic wellness.

If you’d like to buy the book now so you don’t forget later, you can go ahead and pre-purchase a copy. To thank you for your order, I’m offering FREE shippping! Order now and save.

$15.95 + FREE shipping for all pre-orders! 

Pamela is excited to be releasing her first children’s book, check back to this page for updates on the Release Date and pre-purchase opportunity!

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